Stand 4 Love

Today I have something unusual. It’s not about fashion, but about making a statement. About integrity and humanity.
Myself and the management at THC fully support this. While we are straight, we believe everybody needs to have the same rights.

We also have free Stand 4 Love Shirts for all genders at the inworld store.

Everybody can participate!
Go here and follow instructions!

(Certainly, my statement is only considering legal adults as far as sexual orientation goes)

Unity! HA! yer such a saint today
you may be anti racist but then you’re anti gay
you may be ignorant from a lack of education
but if it’s sympathy you see you seek
you better turn to another station

Intolerant society rears it’s ugly face
you’re turning your native music into a homophobic disgrace
the gay ones, the straight ones, the white tan yellow and black
gay rude boys and girls, we’re gonna take that dancehall back
we’ll take it back!
because without respect there’s gonna be nothing left

This double standard just won’t sit that well with me
I come to say this and it’s just the way it has to be
you know i’m not PC i’ll shoot your kid at school
‘cuz he’s gonna grow up to be a fucking asshole just like you
you can celebrate your unity till every gay is dead
but why don’t you stop your fronting with real unity instead
and on a better dime on this shitty little globe
we would crucify the racists and be bashing all the homophobes

Intolerant society rears it’s ugly face
you’re turning your hardcore music into a homophobic disgrace
the gay ones, the straight ones, the white tan yellow and black
gay rude boys and girls, we’re gonna take that dancehall back
we’ll take it back, we’ll take it back
because without respect there’s gonna be nothing left

2000 triple zero stand up and take a look around
this ignorant fucking shit shouldn’t happen in any town
so come on leave the closet and on your way out grab a bat
cuz there’s a battle to be fought and the prize is fucking phat
autonomy from ignorance there’s got to be a better way
but the racist, sexist homophobes and piggies gotta pay
but right now you got to get out of your fucking seat
and jam down to the faggot rythm’s of that crack rock steady beat

Leftover Crack


They See Me Rollin’ – They Hatin’..

I’ve been gone for quite a while. But that’s over now. Here’s a shirt from my own new brand TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE.
We’re still looking for chill bloggers, if you think that’s you, shoot an IM or notecard to Paolla Flux.
Pictures taken at THE LEGION PROJECT. Come visit us for awesome pics and awesome tunes!

Skin – *BIRTH* Nico Skin (darktone)
Hair – *Drot* – The Benjamin – Black Ice
Glasses – ! Sunglasses NEO / V1.1 – REDGRAVE (RGP2410005)
Ears – [MANDALA] Male Stretched Ears-Omini
Facial Hair – EMORTAL CONCEPTS ~ Facial Hair Tattoo (BLK Chin Curtain pack)
Shirt – TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE – Mens Double Shirt Leader (NEW)
Pants – *chronokit* Painter Sarouel Pants Denim Black
Sneakers – [ JP ]:dsg. Sneaker Supreme / Multicolor / *MESH

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.

Rabindranath Tagore

Grab It Like You Stole It

My fantastic sponsor R3VOLT shows more than generosity for the Mens Only Hunt. Starting tonight, you get not one but FOUR sick V Neck Shirts and as if that wasn’t enough already, they throw in these studded black leather bracelets on top. All for the fantastic price of zero (!) Linden. Cheap. Like your mom. All you have to do is head over to their MAINSTORE and find the guitar that’s hidden somewhere there. You can manage that for free clothes, right?


“Monster. That’s what they call me. I guess they are right. Love, sunshine, laughter, the warmth of an embrace.. Nothing but wishes and dreams of what I never had. What I can never have.”
Start a revolution. R3VOLT will make sure that you riot in style! So grab one of these brand new Inferno Coats. Or a couple more. Also be sure to check out these wonderful scissorhands from Remarkable Oblivion.

A few words on this song: Tim McIlrath (Rise Against) covered this track in honor of Tony Sly (No Use For A Name), who passed away far too young last summer. Rest in peace, Tony.

Skin – - Peau – skins – GROUP GIFT 1/1/13
Hair – ::Exile:: Remy: Blacks
Eyes – IKON Lucid Eyes – Blue-Gray
Face Tat – REPULSE – Bloody Tears III Face Tattoo
Ears – [MANDALA]STEKING ears ver4
Piercings – :Hebenon Vial: M:Against the Stream [Metal]*Mesh*
Tattoo – Speakeasy ::Don’t Get IT Twisted Tattoo
Coat – [R3] White Inferno Coat [V1] (NEW)
Pants – [R3] – Man Jeans V2 (Grunge 1) (NEW)
Shoes – ALB PIPPIN boots union jack
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Pose (2nd pic) — HISpose EmoLeans_2 (HISEmoLeans Phatpack)

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

He was a quiet man. Did his job. Not bad, not great, just enough to be average. Tolerable. He found this little restaurant. It held a rich wine cellar and offered the finest Parmigiano Reggiano  around.

He would arrive late. The tourists were long gone back to their overpriced hotels or bars. He didn’t know and neither did he care. As he arrived, only a single table was taken. A young woman with golden hair had her eyes lowered to an opened magazine in front of her. She was beautiful. Surely, she would capture lots of looks on the streets as she would wander down on Main Street, shopping for new skirts and purses. She sat alone and so did he.

Quietly he chewed on his bread, a specialty of the house. Fresh baked, with cut peppers mixed into the dough to give the bread its famous mellow bite, yet with a distinct crunch to it. After he finished his wine, he took off his shoes as he roamed the sandy beach that framed the restaurant. Picturesque and in perfect symbiosis. Slowly he fell to his knees and raised his clenched fists into the air, threatening the clouds as he cursed the heavens, screaming out all the hatred and disgust for this world that he had kept trapped within his chest all these years. More than he hated the world and the people in it, he hated himself. For being average. For going unnoticed.

He kept staring into the sky for a while after his voice began to fail him. With infinite patience he slipped out of his sweater and shirt, the fine fabrics caressed his fingertips as they slid from his grasp. Step by step he walked out into the sea, never looking back. The cold waves welcomed him and would soon swallow his figure. The salty water filled his mouth, then his stomach and his lungs. Here, he would find rest for his troubled soul. Amidst this paradise on earth that meant hell to him.

You should definitely check out this great sweater from my new sponsor R3VOLT.
Pictures taken at Del Vino Restaurant in Casablanca Bay South. Go visit, it is really worth it.

Skin – Fruk Bennett skin shade 4 black brows (Special from Men’s Dept)
Hat – :GAUGED: Fedora – Monochromes
Ears – [MANDALA] Male Stretched Ears-Omini
Eyes – IKON Lucid Eyes – Blue-Gray
Facial Hair – . : VyC : . Highway \ beard addon B
Mouth – =Razorblade Jacket= The Preacher – Mouth Gore / v2 Face Tattoo
Tattoo – Speakeasy :: I saw you in my sleep (NEW)
Jacket – [R3] – Blake Sweater Stripes [V3] (NEW)
Pants – [S.H.S] Handprint Sweatpants (Group gift)
Sneakers – [IC] MESH Prince Sneakers .::Grey::. UNISEX

Lights Out

This city will grind you down. Slowly. Crawling like a predator. The toxic air eats through your lungs. Yet, this is my home – and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere but here. Beneath all the filth and smog, I made my nest. Who needs Hawaii when you can tan in the moonlight? Welcome to my urban Eden.

Hair – [Atro Patena] – Teddy_Black
Facial Hair – ::M-Arc Mirror:: Beard Prototype 02
Glasses – ! Sunglasses NEO / V1.1 – REDGRAVE (RGP2410005)
Piercings – :Hebenon Vial: M:Against the Stream [Metal]*Mesh*
Ears – [MANDALA] Male Stretched Ears-Omini
Tattoo – [Ner .Ink] Tattoo Gangsta Paradise *
Jacket – Rerty Leather Jacket Black (comes with 5 Shirt options)
Gloves – TonkTastic – Protection Gloves
Pants – Rerty Street CargoShort Camo N
Sneakers – Alright – Retrospective 11 BWR

Devil In Disguise

Today I have the pleasure to share my pictures with the lovely Lona Lenroy, if you are a girl or like to stare at hot ones, go check out her blog Lona Against The Sweet Fashion.
SPEAKEASY just tossed out these sweet zebra baggies at the badass price of 1 Linden, to thank his customers. Also, take a close look at this Wolf Gang Shirt.

Mask — Trident Devil Mask V
Facial Hair — [CheerNo] BEARD.05 ([CheerNo] FacialHAIR DARK PACK 02)
Neckchain – DECO – MESH Skullchain (silver) (The Aracade Gacha Event)
Ears – [MANDALA]STEKING ears ver4
Eyes – IKON Lucid Eyes – Blue-Gray
Tattoo – Speakeasy :: Keep It Traditional Tattoo
Shirt – Speakeasy :: PURR EVIL Baggy Tee (MESH) (NEW)
Pants – Speakeasy :: Baggy Zebra skinnys (MESH) (NEW)
Gloves – TonkTastic – Protection Gloves
Sneakers – BLK 2.0 SHARk’Z Black&Grey

For Lona’s outfit, visit her blog


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